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Real-time access to communication, with complete transcripts for reference afterward.

TypeWell helps people participate effectively in work, classes, meetings, and other group gatherings—including social events and religious services—by giving them access to what others are saying, without being tethered to a note taker or interpreter.

Students who may have previously relied on sign language or lip reading tell us TypeWell is liberating and life-changing, because they do not have to keep their eyes fixed on the interpreter or speaker, and they can sit anywhere they choose. 

Others say that they feel more comfortable and confident participating in the discussion because they know that their question hasn’t already been asked and answered. Or, if they look away momentarily or rest their eyes, they know they can quickly catch up.

  • How are TypeWell services typically implemented in a school or workplace?


    • Determine who is responsible for coordinating and paying for disability-related accommodation. (TypeWell services are typically coordinated through a school’s accessibility office, or through a company’s HR department.)
    • Submit a request for accommodations to the school or employer.
    • Provide necessary documentation from a health care provider regarding the nature of the disability.
    • The service coordinator makes a determination whether TypeWell is a reasonable accommodation.
    • The school or employer schedules and coordinates the services, which are provided by a qualified transcriber working on-site or remotely.


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When I first started my M.B.A., I was unsure whether the TypeWell accommodation would really help me to fully understand whole class session without missing any important words. However, I quickly realized that the professional transcribers could capture all of the professor’s vocabulary, my classmates’ questions, and even noise in the classroom. I was able to keep pace with the class. It was also helpful to review the transcript afterward.

Ki-Sang An (Englewood Cliffs, NJ) M.B.A. in Accountancy

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