A trained TypeWell transcriber synthesizes the essence of the discussion and captures it using advanced abbreviation software.

The recipient simultaneously sees the transcript using the web browser on their own mobile device. The transcript can also be printed or saved for later reference as a study tool or meeting documentation.

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Options to fit your needs:

Free Product Tour (15-20 min)

See a demo of TypeWell’s features in a virtual meeting platform

Understand the user experience and learn how services are implemented

This tour combines live demonstration with Q&A so you can get the answers you need

Free Trial Service

Up to 2 hours of scheduled, real-time transcribing services for qualified, first-time readers/consumers

Perfect for individuals who are considering using TypeWell for ongoing classes or meetings

Advance scheduling and orientation are required to ensure the trial runs smoothly

Returning/Existing Customers

We are always delighted to hear from you! Email our Scheduling Coordinator for service requests or to set up trial services for a new reader/consumer.

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