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How it Works

A trained TypeWell transcriber synthesizes the essence of the discussion and captures it using advanced abbreviation software. The recipient simultaneously sees the transcript using a standard Web browser on a mobile device, such as a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Live captions can also be integrated into Zoom and other videoconferencing platforms.

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TypeWell is ideal for:


Hundreds of postsecondary institutions in the USA, Canada, and abroad…

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K-12 Schools

Live communication access and typed notes for elementary and secondary school students…

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Make your client and staff meetings accessible whether at the office or virtual…

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Laboratory or field settings, special events and conferences, field trips and tours…

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student reading from iPad in classroom

When I first started my M.B.A., I was unsure whether the TypeWell accommodation would really help me to fully understand whole class session without missing any important words. However, I quickly realized that the professional transcribers could capture all of the professor’s vocabulary, my classmates’ questions, and even noise in the classroom. I was able to keep pace with the class. It was also helpful to review the transcript afterward.

Ki-Sang An (Englewood Cliffs, NJ) M.B.A. in Accountancy