Are you our Type?

Each candidate for the transcribing course comes to us with particular skills and strengths. It is our job to ensure that they get the right tools to succeed.

Transcribing is a job that only someone with a highly specific set of skills can successfully perform.

Our online application is designed to help candidates find out if they have those required skills and aptitudes, before investing their time and their employer’s money in the 2-3 month training course.

To be accepted for the transcribing course, a candidate must have:

  • Good listening and memory skills 
  • Excellent English skills 
  • Typing speed of at least 60 words per minute
  • Basic computer knowledge
close-up photo of woman with long dark hair sitting at classroom table smiling
You're inquisitive. You like to learn. You enjoy helping others. You have exceptional English language skills.
Mature Male Student Attending Adult Education Class
We want people who have a strong work ethic, are adaptable, and are able to improvise. Though those qualities may not always be prized elsewhere, they mean everything in the TypeWell profession.
a transcriber raising her hand near the front of a college classroom
Transcribers are the face of TypeWell, whether managing scheduling and logistics for a new site or situation, or building rapport with instructors.
transcriber typing on a laptop while a group of students are talking, with one student reading text from an ipad
Each semester brings a new set of assignments with ever-changing participants. You learn something daily, and acquire information you might not otherwise encounter with exposure to complex, advanced subjects.
one man studying in front of laptop while two women study around a second laptop
TypeWell is used all over North America, so you can take your job anywhere. We offer opportunities for continuing education to keep your skills sharp and to share ideas and best practices.
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Benefit others while building a career. When you see someone succeed, you are rewarded, because your efforts have helped to make it possible.


TypeWell features an outstanding dictionary and excellent training methods, with immediate feedback throughout training. Their teaching and support team is knowledgeable and experienced and they’re always willing to troubleshoot.

Jodi Tobin TypeWell transcriber

I was amazed at how much your tips on relaxation helped me with the typing tests!!!  It took me less than a third of the time to complete lesson 22 than 21. And it was so much more fun not to be tense and nervous.  I never would have believed that strategy worked so well! Thanks!

Sonya C. TypeWell trainee (Wyoming)
Smiling man in library holding a stack of books

I truly appreciate the incredible training TypeWell provides. When I need more transcribers, I use TypeWell’s efficient online screening tools to filter out all but the best candidates. I then sponsor their enrollment in TypeWell’s basic skills course knowing they will receive excellent training and personal attention. This allows me to maintain focus on the daily task of service coordination. I check in with the trainees as needed and am always kept abreast of their progress by their instructor. TypeWell’s training process and staff are phenomenal.

Jason Burr (Provo, UT) Deaf & Hard of Hearing Coordinator
Brigham Young University

I use TypeWell to provide real-time communication access in university classrooms. My favorite part of the job is providing access to classroom humor. TypeWell allows students to enjoy even dry humor and really be a part of the classroom environment, sometimes for the first time in their lives.

Emily Ackerland TypeWell transcriber (Bellingham, WA)