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  • The TypeWell system offers the most advanced software features and interactive training for transcribing live speech into text.
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TypeWell Transcribing

Other meaning-for-meaning systems (also known as computerized notetaking, electronic notetaking, or captioning)

Built-in Dictionary

With over 4 million words in the built-in dictionary, transcribers rely on TypeWell’s intuitive abbreviation system without having to memorize individual shortcuts.

With an absent or very limited built-in dictionary, new transcribers waste valuable time building, borrowing, or memorizing ad hoc abbreviation systems.

Customizeable Dictionary

Create, import, edit, and configure unique dictionary profiles for each setting or class. One or more transcribers on the same computer can instantly switch between profiles to prevent confusing conflicts.

User-specific dictionaries result in countless different “systems” for abbreviating commonly-used words and specialized vocabulary. This prevents transcribers from easily sharing the same equipment, files, or settings.

Transcript style/goals

The primary goal of TypeWell’s meaning-for-meaning style is for consumers to quickly understand and access the same information as their peers, so they can participate in the discussion as it happens. Real-time transcripts capture the full conversation in rich, accurate detail and require minimal editing afterward.

Other meaning-for-meaning providers commonly describe their service as electronic notetaking or summarization. This “high points only” style is not effective for real-time communication. Providers may audio-record conversations to transcribe or correct after-the-fact, resulting in inaccurate or delayed content.

Training Strategies

TypeWell’s sophisticated and interactive training software is customized to each individual trainee. Skill-building is progressive and cumulative, so transcribers develop essential, real-time processing skills with fresh new audio content.

Highly-skilled teachers provide individualized feedback throughout training.

Rigorous and comprehensive skill assessments are scored objectively by experienced evaluation team.

Other training systems offer little or no individualized feedback from a professional teacher. Trainees may be self-taught and may evaluate their own skills subjectively, without a rigorous final evaluation.

Repetitive audio segments focus on memorization of abbreviations, while failing to teach the real-time processing skills required for real-life transcribing.

There is an expectation to learn and improve “ on the job,” often at the expense of the client.

Consumer Protection & Quality Assurance

TypeWell transcribing software is licensed only to qualified providers who successfully complete our training. If you fail to pass our minimum training standards, you cannot be a TypeWell transcriber. We’re strict because we care about quality!

Transcriber service qualifications will lapse or be revoked when necessary. Out-of-practice transcribers must complete a Refresher Course in order to resume providing services.

Other transcribing systems do not regulate who uses their software to provide services. Software licenses are issued to individuals who have not completed training, which means consumers can receive sub-par services from unqualified providers.

Other transcribing service qualifications are minimally regulated. Out-of-practice transcribers can often resume work without any evaluations or quality assurance oversight.

Math/Science Features

TypeWell has a separate, built-in math/science dictionary coupled with specialized, hands-on training.

Experienced transcribers can develop a math/science specialization to efficiently capture content in STEM courses.

STEM content is captured with the same special formatting that students see in their textbooks and classrooms.

Other software programs do not have built-in math/science dictionaries.

No specialized training for experienced transcribers to practice capturing STEM content.

Some transcribers capture partial STEM content consisting of numbers and letters, but most lack the ability to capture subject-specific scientific notations or mathematical symbols.

Technical Support

We pride ourselves in responding promptly to your calls and email inquiries, Monday through Friday and often on weekends, too!

Rich knowledgebase is routinely updated so you can find answers to FAQs.

Live chat on our website or use toll-free voice and SMS support.

TypeWell’s technical support is always free (included in the price of your training or software license).

Other transcribing platforms may lack the human component and support that consumers and service coordinators need.

FAQs may be available online or through email/web forums, depending on the product.


Active, web-based and email discussion forums for TypeWell Transcribers and Service Coordinators.

A wealth of archives dating back to 2009, with ongoing conversations that cover a wide range of topics, from ethics to skill development to emerging technologies.

TypeWell co-hosts and sponsors in-person workshops and conferences as well as online continuing education courses.

Web-based or email discussion forums exist, though some are highly moderated/censored.

There are few opportunities for other types of transcribers to network in person (outside of their own institutions) or to find online continuing education courses.

Without professional development opportunities, transcribers can feel isolated, increasing the risk of burnout and turnover.

Wherever possible and appropriate, TypeWell opens its workshops and online courses to other, non- TypeWell providers for cross-platform collaboration.

We believe in fairness! If you see missing or inaccurate information about our competitors, please contact us so we can update it.


Sample meaning-for-meaning transcript on a laptop screen


Sample verbatim transcript on a laptop screen


Student raises hand to ask a question while listening to lecture

In my personal work as a service provider and organizer, TypeWell has been a powerful resource for providing communication access to consumers. When the need for a concise and faithful record of the speaker’s message is vital, the meaning-for-meaning transcripts created through the TypeWell method have been an effective alternative to verbatim captioning. I hear frequently from clients who tell me that transcribing has significantly improved their quality of life.

Jason Kapcala TypeWell Transcriber
Smiling female lecturer helping student during her class

The instructors we’ve worked with have really enjoyed having this type of accommodation in the classroom. They know they need to make their lecture accessible to the deaf/hard-of-hearing students in their class. With TypeWell, they know the material is all getting across to the student, so they’re confident that the student is receiving all of the information.

Kristi Falconer (Victoria, BC) Coordinator of Interpreting and Transcribing Services
Registered Sign Language Interpreter & TypeWell Transcriber
University of Victoria

Our captioning company started as a CART-only business. We soon discovered that many students actually preferred TypeWell. We began providing TypeWell services to schools and came to love it ourselves. Today, many of our business and organizational clients use TypeWell for meetings and webinars. It’s a great, sometimes underrated product.

Bill Graham (Cary, IL) Founder & CEO of CaptionAccess
Co-founder of the Association of Late-Deafened Adults
business woman holding folders

TypeWell has been a wonderful addition to my [interpreting] company. The headiest response has been from our consumers: the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing students and professionals using TypeWell for their classes, public lectures, graduations, and interviews. The service providers are consummate professionals.

Janice B. Rimler, M.Ed, CT, ASLTA Professional CEO of All Hands in Motion Professional Sign Language Interpreters, LLC (New York, NY)

When I don’t have TypeWell, I have to speech read, which is fatiguing. Speech reading is like mental gymnastics. I may catch a word here or there, but then I have to mentally “fill in the gaps,” which leads to mental exhaustion. And mental exhaustion leads to physical exhaustion.

Graduate student British Columbia