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Another great year: 2013 infographic

We're looking forward to celebrating TypeWell's 15th anniversary in 2014! As you celebrate the New Year, take a look at our infographic of fun statistics and milestones from 2013.

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Tammy Richards: Full-Time En"type"preneur

"What was interesting to me was that not only was I providing services to people that didn't sign, which allowed me to serve a wider customer base, but it was also helpful to people with other issues like auditory processing disorders or people who wanted note taking. Oh, and for veterans who had brain injuries."

That was seven years ago and Tammy has not looked back.

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Ideas that Stick: a leader learns by listening

We posted everyone’s ideas on a big "Sticky Wall." Then my co-facilitators spent some time combining duplicates and grouping ideas into whatever categories naturally emerged.

...Some really wonderful ideas surfaced during that group activity in Portland last April. As expected, the leaders in the TypeWell community have our work cut out for us!

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Transcriber Review: “Skill Building for New TypeWell Transcribers” QuickClass

"A year ago to the month, I became qualified as a TypeWell Transcriber. After those eight weeks of rigorous training, I couldn’t wait to get into the classroom, put all the newly learned abbreviations to the test, and provide services for a real student. Sitting in the chair, booting up the computers, and opening the blank screen of TypeWell never ceases to energize me.

But I didn’t expect to feel so alone."

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How I conquered my fear of math: a transcriber's journey.

TypeWell transcribers can work in a number of disciplines, from English to history to even heating and air conditioning courses (I know this from personal experience). But what happens if you are in a math class with complex equations, like...

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Upgrading to TW Version 7: a user's perspective

"I love the ability to create several different PALs," says Dave Wollenhaup, a transcriber in the Las Vegas area. The PAL is a transcriber's Personal Abbreviation List, and V7 boasts a new feature called MultiPAL...

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