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How Does TypeWell Work?

A trained TypeWell transcriber synthesizes the essence of the discussion and captures it using advanced abbreviation software. The recipient simultaneously sees the transcript using a standard Web browser on a mobile device, such as a laptop, tablet, smartphone, or e-reader.

A TypeWell transcript can be easily printed or saved for later reference as a study tool or meeting documentation.

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The Advantage of Meaning-for-Meaning

Meaning-for-meaning transcripts are easier to read and understand quickly than verbatim transcripts. A verbatim transcript shows word-for-word what is spoken. This format requires the reader to search through dense text to find key concepts.

A TypeWell transcriber conveys the essential meaning of what is said without redundant phrases and other non-essential information. This format condenses the language used while maintaining the full meaning intended by the speaker.

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What real users are saying about TypeWell


“TypeWell has been a wonderful addition to my company. The headiest response has been from our consumers: the Deaf and Hard of Hearing students and professionals using TypeWell for their classes, public lectures, graduations and interviews. The service providers are consummate professionals.”

Janice B. Rimler, M.Ed, CT, ASLTA Professional
CEO of All Hands in Motion Professional Sign Language Interpreters, LLC


“The instructors we’ve worked with have really enjoyed having this type of accommodation in the classroom. They know they need to make their lecture accessible to the deaf/hard-of-hearing students in their class. With TypeWell, they know the material is all getting across to the student, so they’re confident that the student is receiving all of the information.”

Kristi Falconer
Coordinator of Interpreting and Transcribing Services, Registered Sign Language Interpreter & TypeWell Transcriber, University of Victoria


“When I first started my M.B.A., I was unsure whether the TypeWell accommodation would really help me to fully understand whole class session without missing any important words. However, I quickly realized that the professional transcribers could capture all of the professor’s vocabulary, my classmates’ questions, and even noise in the classroom. I was able to keep pace with the class. It was also helpful to review the transcript afterward.”

Ki-Sang An
M.B.A. in Accountancy

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