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Byword: A blog by and for the TW community

Seven Questions: Brynn Elliott

Brynn lives in Laramie, Wyoming and is the Communication Access Services Coordinator at the University of Wyoming, the only university in the state.

The most important trait for a coordinator? "Flexibility!" says Brynn. "Go with the flow. Schedules change, new students crop up, and transcribers get sick. Roll with it...."

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Happy 15th Anniversary, TypeWell!

The first cohort of TypeWell transcribers completed their training in August 1999. Over the past 15 years, the TypeWell training and software have advanced tremendously. This timeline shows some of the highlights, year by year, alongside other technological advances that have changed our lives...

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The Instructor's Perspective: a transcriber takes her place at the front of the classroom

Rachel Ballard — I spent two quarters at the front of the room, teaching a core English class, before returning to the chair marked "reserved for DSS" in the back of the classroom and resuming my work as a TypeWell transcriber. This brief experience of working as an instructor was a fascinating glimpse into what instructors and professors face on a day-to-day basis...

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Why Turbo 2 Is the Best Thing to Happen in TypeWell V7

There are constant innovations being made in an effort to make TypeWell more accessible for both transcriber and reader. Turbo II is a newly added extension to Turbo mode in TypeWell. Turbo II gives you more time to capture the main ideas without worrying about how many S's are in Mississippi...

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Seven Questions: Kerri Holferty

Welcome to another Seven Questions. In this series, we interview transcribers and coordinators who are part of the TypeWell community — each with the same seven questions.

Today we're meeting Kerri Holferty, who is presenting at the Pepnet/AHEAD...

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The Magic Behind the TypeWell Dictionary (Part 2)

When someone submits a new addition for our dictionary, I personally look up each word in a variety of dictionaries to try to verify that it's a real word. There's a large grey area of semi-words, with fuzzier boundaries than one might think. We have 500,000 words, and probably at least that many additional grey-area words that we've pruned to keep the dictionary high-quality.

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The Magic Behind the TypeWell Dictionary (Part 1)

Mobile technology aside, the true foundation of the TypeWell system is the transcribing software with its robust and intuitive abbreviation system.

I interviewed Steve Colwell — TypeWell’s co-founder and chief software architect — about how the abbreviation system was developed, and how the underlying dictionary has evolved over the years.

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Seven Questions: Jarren Kinch

Jarren lives in Bothell, Washington, and works north of Seattle as a self-employed independent contractor. He is both a TypeWell Transcriber and an ASL interpreter.

"A common misconception is that I am either the Deaf student's helper, a teacher's assistant, a student, or a volunteer. I'm not! This is my career!"

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Real feedback from real students

We as TypeWell transcribers try to improve our skills every day, but whether working on-site or remotely, we usually don’t get much feedback from the real end-users of the TypeWell system: the students who utilize our services for communication access.

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