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Seven Questions: Kevin Rovegno

This month Kevin Rovegno shares thoughts on his role as a classroom transcriber, including his favorite keyboard snack. Ole`!

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Seven Questions: Andrew Hansen

The very first client I worked with as a TypeWell transcriber was born and raised in Switzerland. This person was completely deaf until the age of 16. Then my client received a cochlear implant and heard speech for the very first time...

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Seven Questions: Jason Kapcala

This month we meet with Jason "Kap" Kapcala, a TypeWell transcriber and the Coordinator of Auxiliary Aids at West Virginia University in Morgantown.

Question: If you had to describe your job to someone with no knowledge of TypeWell — in 30 seconds or less — what would you say?

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Seven Questions: Joyce Dworsky

In our continuing series 7 Questions , we interview transcribers and coordinators who are part of the TypeWell community.

Meet Joyce Dworsky, transcriber and Owner/Executive Director of Vital Signs, LLC based in Silver Spring, Maryland...

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Virtual Clean-up: Keeping an Organized Desktop

Advising people about the state of their virtual desktop is a hairy prospect. We all know someone who is most at home in the clutter of a hundred files. Maybe you are that person. 

For most of us, however, keeping a clean work space boosts productivity and ensures that important items don’t get overlooked. For transcribers, speed is especially important, but that doesn’t just mean processing and typing fast. It means being able to find the files you need when you need them, not having to sort for those prep notes you took last night while the class is going on around you, and not having to open a dozen transcripts before finding the one you intend to email to your client. 

Here are some tips I use to help keep my workspace clean and efficient...

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New V7 features (rev. 747): Part 1

Software updates usually aren’t very newsworthy, but we think the features release in rev. 747 are worth blogging about! With this update, released in January 2016, we set out to solve a few problems.

  • Problem #1: A transcriber accidentally types into a Web Linking channel during someone else’s job.
  • Problem #2: Channel URLs are random, so it's hard to remember which channel is for which client.

Read about the solutions released with this update...

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Seven Questions: Dave Wollenhaup

We are pleased to resume our series of 7 Questions, in which we interview transcribers and coordinators who are part of the TypeWell community. Meet Dave Wollenhaup, a transcriber and Owner/Operator of Equal Access Services, based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Learning to type with poker chips on your wrists? Only in Vegas...

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Embellishing Your Credentials?

We sometimes see résumés or job postings for TypeWell transcribers that incorrectly use the term "certified." The correct term to use for people who take and pass the TypeWell Transcribing Course, is "qualified." That may seem like a small difference, but using the correct terminology for a credential is actually very important to maintaining professionalism in any field.

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Panic Monday: What's Your Backup Plan?

When major websites go down and servers “crash,” the effects of these outages can be felt worldwide. The prime targets for hackers are usually the major networks like Facebook or Skype, which can affect thousands or millions of Internet users at once.

Last month, TypeWell users were affected by two server outages: The first happened on a Monday, when a large portion of Skype’s servers became unresponsive and left millions of people unable to make Internet calls. The next day, one of TypeWell’s Web Linking servers went down unexpectedly for a few hours. 

What contingency plans do you and your organization have in place when a Web service that you rely on suddenly becomes unavailable?

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