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Upgrading to TW Version 7: a user's perspective

"I love the ability to create several different PALs," says Dave Wollenhaup, a transcriber in the Las Vegas area. The PAL is a transcriber's Personal Abbreviation List, and V7 boasts a new feature called MultiPAL...

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How will the Affordable Care Act impact university employees?

"I have a team of around 15 service providers here, most of whom are student employees, covering 405 hours of classes and media per week," says Valerie Sturm. "The university wants me to cut everyone's hours so that we have no full-time service providers, to avoid paying benefits...

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On Recruiting (part 2)

"We want to make sure all applicants have a year of on-site experience," say T.J. Digrazia of Alternative Communication Services, a company that provides remote TypeWell services. "And here is why: you have to be able to understand what goes on in the classroom before you try to understand what goes on when you’re not there...

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On Recruiting (Part 1)

One of the most important goals for agencies and institutions that hire transcribers is to continue to discover new talent, people who have more going on than just the ability to type fast. But what are the qualities that make a world-class transcriber?

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Do musicians make better transcribers?

Whenever I begin to transcribe, I always feel a surge of energy that goes from fingertips to brain, and the words flow from the instructor's speech into the transcript. I also get this feeling when I press my fingers down on the violin, pull the strings with my bow and create music...

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Why go to conferences?

"They are worth it just for the networking opportunities," said Jodi Tobin, a staff transcriber at Ohio State University. "There are a lot of contract transcribers out there that can feel isolated, and having TypeWell conferences provides us with...

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