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Give Students a Choice

An attitude of "I know what's best for you" does not serve students with disabilities, nor is it sustainable within the financial constraints and legal obligations of an educational institution.

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Seven Questions: Dave Wollenhaup

We are pleased to resume our series of 7 Questions, in which we interview transcribers and coordinators who are part of the TypeWell community. Meet Dave Wollenhaup, a transcriber and Owner/Operator of Equal Access Services, based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Learning to type with poker chips on your wrists? Only in Vegas...

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On-Demand Transcribing: communication access, whenever you need it

Even for transcribers who have relatively stable part-time or full-time transcribing gigs, there are still gaps where the work (and the money) slows down. Transcribers aren’t earning income during holiday breaks, exam weeks, or when students cancel services due to illness. To fill in those gaps, one could simply hop onto a website like Shiftboard to pick-up available short-term jobs.

But in an interview with the New York Times, one economist said, "Can you imagine if this turns into an economy where everyone is doing piecework at all odd hours, and no one knows when the next job will come, and how much it will pay? What kind of private lives can we possibly have, what kind of relationships, what kind of families?”

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The Transcriber Who Knew Too Much

The TypeWell Code of Ethics dictates that transcribers should serve as a “conduit of information” for consumers. In the tale I’m about to relate, a seasoned TypeWell transcriber knew that principle, but chose the wrong action...

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On Recruiting (part 2)

"We want to make sure all applicants have a year of on-site experience," say T.J. Digrazia of Alternative Communication Services, a company that provides remote TypeWell services. "And here is why: you have to be able to understand what goes on in the classroom before you try to understand what goes on when you’re not there...

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