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Changes in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 affect TypeWell linking

Earlier versions of Windows remain unaffected

Peer-to-peer and Internal Linking are two wireless linking methods that allow TypeWell to link to a reader device without an internet connection. These features might not work on your Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 computer unless you roll back your WiFi driver to an earlier version.

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New V7 features (rev. 747): Part 1

Software updates usually aren’t very newsworthy, but we think the features release in rev. 747 are worth blogging about! With this update, released in January 2016, we set out to solve a few problems.

  • Problem #1: A transcriber accidentally types into a Web Linking channel during someone else’s job.
  • Problem #2: Channel URLs are random, so it's hard to remember which channel is for which client.

Read about the solutions released with this update...

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Panic Monday: What's Your Backup Plan?

When major websites go down and servers “crash,” the effects of these outages can be felt worldwide. The prime targets for hackers are usually the major networks like Facebook or Skype, which can affect thousands or millions of Internet users at once.

Last month, TypeWell users were affected by two server outages: The first happened on a Monday, when a large portion of Skype’s servers became unresponsive and left millions of people unable to make Internet calls. The next day, one of TypeWell’s Web Linking servers went down unexpectedly for a few hours. 

What contingency plans do you and your organization have in place when a Web service that you rely on suddenly becomes unavailable?

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Web Linking Server in Canada Now Available

We're excited to announce that after a couple of months of beta testing, the new "Canada Server" is now available for regular use in classes or meetings. 

To connect to this new server, transcribers need to install the latest software update for the V7 Premium Transcriber program.

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New Web Server in British Columbia Protects Data, Opens Doors

To meet the requirements of privacy legislation in British Columbia, TypeWell collaborated with Post-Secondary Communication Access Services (PCAS) to establish a new Canadian Web Linking server in Vancouver, B.C. This enables transcribers in Canada to use TypeWell to stream data to Canadian clients so the data never resides on TypeWell’s U.S. servers...

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The Secrets of The PAL (Part 1)

"I was thinking that transcribers hadn't been able to quickly identify the abbreviations that they use frequently and those they never use," says TypeWell co-founder Steve Colwell. "That was keeping them from maintaining their PALs effectively, both for pruning unused abbreviations, and for adding new ones such as for variant endings of abbreviations that have proved useful."

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Improvements to Web Linking, including new features for team transcribers

There may be cases when viewers wish to distinguish between the different transcribers using colored highlighting over the text.  For example, when a supervisor wishes to evaluate different transcribers' skills during a teamed assignment, or when transcribers need to quickly find and edit their own sections. 

Optionally highlight team transcribers' typing in different colors by adding the special code ?teamcolor to the end of a Web Linking URL.

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TypeWell Website Status

There may be lingering outages while our new name server takes effect. If you are unable to reach a TypeWell website from your location, please use the numeric URLs listed in this blog post.

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Who needs WiFi Internet when there's Internal Linking?

"That's why we came up with this solution we call Internal Linking. There's a feature in Windows 7 and 8 called the 'virtual access point,' and we use that to make the transcriber's computer into a little Web server, so absolutely no Internet connection is necessary for the reader. The result is the consumer can always connect from anywhere in the same room, and it'll look just like he is connecting to the Web Linking server."

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