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Changes in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 affect TypeWell linking

Earlier versions of Windows remain unaffected

Peer-to-peer and Internal Linking are two wireless linking methods that allow TypeWell to link to a reader device without an internet connection. These features might not work on your Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 computer unless you roll back your WiFi driver to an earlier version.

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Who needs WiFi Internet when there's Internal Linking?

"That's why we came up with this solution we call Internal Linking. There's a feature in Windows 7 and 8 called the 'virtual access point,' and we use that to make the transcriber's computer into a little Web server, so absolutely no Internet connection is necessary for the reader. The result is the consumer can always connect from anywhere in the same room, and it'll look just like he is connecting to the Web Linking server."

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Upgrading to TW Version 7: a user's perspective

"I love the ability to create several different PALs," says Dave Wollenhaup, a transcriber in the Las Vegas area. The PAL is a transcriber's Personal Abbreviation List, and V7 boasts a new feature called MultiPAL...

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