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TypeWell's online learning platform just had a makeover... and it's beautiful!

Our new LEO platform is powered by TalentLMS and delivers Short Courses on demand. Once you set up an account, you can add a course from the new Course Catalog and start immediately.

New address: 

We’re phasing out the previous Edvance360 platform, which was a bit clunky, requiring advance sign-ups and a waiting period of several days.

Unsure about Math Mode? Try smaller bites.

Mixed Numbers – Intermediate

The first Math Mode Basics course was taking most transcribers 7-10 hours to complete. (That's pretty long, especially for online learning.) So, we broke it up into shorter segments. Transcribers can purchase individual lessons that take only 1-2 hours to complete.

Take one lesson ($10) or bundle all six lessons ($49). Work on them whenever you have an hour or two in your schedule.

Cartoon of a beach with message, Come On In. The Water's Fine

Open to all. No membership fee.

Gone are the days of "LEO Membership." Some of our new & improved LEO courses are open to a wider community of speech-to-text providers − even C-Print® or CART/voice writers!

Anyone can enroll in general speech-to-text courses like Grammar, or professional growth courses like Time Management. TypeWell-specific courses include Math Mode and Turbo.

Start your Spring Training with on-demand LEO courses:

credly badge for Grammar short course Credly badge for time management course credly badge for Math Mode Basics short course
Recognize lists and organize muddled content so that it's clear and accurate. In just 90 minutes, learn to manage your time and stress more effectively. Master TypeWell's Math Mode through focused drills and audio practice.

See you online!


Kate Ervin

Kate became a TypeWell transcriber in 2004 and began training new transcribers in 2009. She has served as TypeWell's Executive Director since 2011.

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