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Text-on-Top Wireless Devices Display Captions On Top of a Presentation

Text-On-Top, a pair of USB devices that allows for wireless captioning, is a great solution when a presenter needs real-time captions embedded on a projector display—e.g., on top of a PowerPoint. This article will explain how to connect Text-On-Top with TypeWell. While it may seem like a lot of steps at first glance, the connecting process is simple and can be completed in 10 minutes or less on your first attempt. 

First, here is a visual to show what Text-On-Top looks like when projected on top of a PowerPoint.

Text-on-Top captioning blog displayed at bottom of PowerPoint slide on projector screen

Installation steps:

    Text-on-Top USB Device
  1. When you order Text-On-Top, you will receive two USB drives. Connect one device to your transcriber computer and the other device into the computer that will be connected with the projector.
  2. Open the TEXT-ON-TOP drive (usually named the ‘D:’ drive) on both computers and select the .exe file to install the program.Arrows pointing to screenshot of D drive and Text-on-Top icon
  3. On the transcriber computer, select the first icon which is titled “Speech-to-text Reporter”. On the computer that will be used with the projector, select the second icon which is titled “Presenter/Beamer”. [Note: the captions on the icons are hard to read unless the popup box is expanded.]Text-on-Top Launcher
  4. Go into Edit > Preferences on the transcriber computer’s Text-On-Top program. As shown below, check “Network feed”, click the “Start” button which will then display “Stop”, check “Start Automatically”, click “TypeWell”, and uncheck “Concatenate paragraphs”.Text-on-Top Preferences window screenshot
  5. Open your TypeWell Transcriber or Connect program. Under the “Link” menu, click “By Simple TCP/IP”. Check “Enable Simple TCP/IP Linking”. “TCP/IP” address should be and “Port” should be 9740.TypeWell Simple TCP IP Setup dialog

That’s it! If you have followed the above steps correctly, the real-time captions transcribed in TypeWell will now be overlaid on top of any program that the laptop connected to the projector uses. 

Within Text-On-Top on the transcriber computer, you can make some changes to the appearance of the embedded captions. 

Click “Hide” to remove the captions on the screen, which is helpful when a captioned video is being displayed:

Text-on-Top Hide Captioning button

Click Edit>Preferences>Remote appearance to change the font size/background/color of the captions:

Text-on-Top Display Preferences

There are multiple other settings you can alter within the program to get the captions to appear just as the client needs. We love Text-On-Top for its quick and easy implementation, stability, and customization abilities. 

Visit for more information and ordering. This blog post is not a paid advertisement. If you know of other technology or services that are useful to TypeWell transcribers, let us know so we can share with our readers!


Randi (Hecht) Castro

Randi Castro is the Owner/Founder of, a TypeWell agency providing remote and onsite TypeWell transcription across the United States.

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