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Skype Linking no longer supported

Update (January 02, 2014):  It appears that for some users, Skype and TypeWell are communicating without the error messages shown below. Those users are still able to use the Skype Linking feature, which is great! 

However, because Skype Linking relies on the Skype API, we don't know if or when Skype will discontinue the service. It's best to have a back-up plan in place if you have students or other users relying on remote TypeWell for communication access services. We'd appreciate a few more "data points" from real users, so please leave a comment below or send us an email.

It's official... we think. As of my test a few minutes ago — using the latest version of Skype with the latest version of TypeWell Premium V7 — it appears that TypeWell's Skype Linking feature no longer works.

Here's how I can tell...

First, when I attempt to enable Skype Linking under the Link menu in TypeWell, my Skype program immediately starts flashing an "unable to respond" message where it previously used to prompt me to "allow access":

Skype Please Restart

Second, even though I'm signed into Skype, the configuration box in TypeWell doesn't display my Skype name as it used to. Instead, it says "waiting for Skype to respond":

Waiting For Skype To Respond

Thus, it seems the TypeWell software and the Skype desktop application are no longer communicating, which means that Skype Linking just won't work. :-(

We announced this change in a recent blog post, as it potentially impacts those customers who provide or receive remote transcribing services.

Skype writes:

"...due to technology improvements we are making to the Skype experience, some features of the API will stop working with Skype for desktop. For example, delivery of chat messages using the API will cease to work."

That feature — delivery of chat messages — was what TypeWell used to transmit text from one TypeWell program to another TypeWell program, via the Skype API.

TypeWell's V6 Premium users are those most likely to be affected by Skype's changes. Until now, our Skype Linking feature was the only free method for streaming text to a remote reader. 

The most reliable, readable, and affordable alternative is to use TypeWell's Web Linking. Existing V6 Premium users can either purchase a V6 Web Linking add-on or upgrade to V7 Premium for unlimited Web Linking.

Join us on January 10, 2014 in a Skype conference call to discuss remote linking options. Visit the TypeWell Learning Center for more information and to register.


Kate Ervin

Kate became a TypeWell transcriber in 2004 and began training new transcribers in 2009. She has served as TypeWell's Executive Director since 2011.

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