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Sharing WordShare with You

Alternative Communication Services (ACS) has partnered with for many years to provide a stable streaming text platform for both meaning-for-meaning (TypeWell) and word-for-word (CART) real-time communication access. But the management team at ACS wanted to raise the level of service even higher for their consumers who are hard-of-hearing and D/deaf. Thus was born WordShare (

From a more "fun" side, bios and pictures are now being uploaded into WordShare so that students can virtually "meet" their service provider.

WordShare provides everything that the standard platform offers in terms of delivery of text, math symbols, and virtually instant readability across a wide variety of devices, but now there are some exciting new features. I contacted Phil Hyssong, manager/owner of ACS to find out what’s new.

Ken Deutsch: What was the thinking behind the development of WordShare?

Phil Hyssong: ACS had the desire to differentiate itself among the streaming text companies. Many folks can provide good remote CART and remote text interpreting, but ACS wanted to stand out in the field. We determined that we would pay for upgrades that would benefit our clients and enhance our overall service.

KD: What are the new features?

PH: Students using WordShare are now able to highlight areas of text on the screen and annotate those sections with their own comments such as “Due Friday” or “Review session at 6 p.m.” Further, students are now able to email the transcript to themselves immediately, by clicking the “send transcript” button on the WordShare screen. 

The document will be delivered to the student’s designated e-mail account instantly, with all annotations and highlighting included. 

Of course, as in the past, the student can still go online within a few hours after the class and retrieve the transcriber's copy of the transcript. 

From a more "fun" side, bios and pictures are now being uploaded into WordShare so that students can virtually "meet" their service provider. We attempt to build strong relationships with all our customers.

KD: Were there any problems implementing WordShare? Do you now have everyone using it?

PH: There were really no issues in implementing WordShare. It is simply a different URL being distributed to users on WordShare. Virtually all of ACS's clients are using WordShare now.

KD: Have you had any feedback from end users, or for that matter, from writers about switching over? How do people like it, or have there been any critical comments?

PH: The only critical comments concern using something new. Not everyone embraces new technology, but when they realize it is just a matter of a different URL they seem to be okay.

WordShare Screen Grab

A screen grab of a typical transcription using WordShare.

Alternate Colors and Annotation Feature in WordShare window

WordShare offers many font and background color combinations to choose from. Above, the "note" feature is in use.

Word Share Menu on right side of screen

The WordShare menu displays options along the right side of the screen. A viewer can enter their email address in the pop-up window to send the transcript immediately.

The full description of all WordShare features can be found here: 

And to see a demo of WordShare in action, check it out at: 


Ken Deutsch

Ken Deutsch has been a TypeWell transcriber since 2007, and since 2009 he has worked remotely for ACS. He lives in sunny Sarasota, Florida where the bad weather isn’t.

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