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Seven Questions: Kevin Rovegno

Our Seven Questions series continues, in which we interview transcribers and coordinators who are part of the TypeWell community.

This month we visit with Kevin Rovegno, a TypeWell transcriber with Strada Communication.

If you had to describe your job to someone with no knowledge of TypeWell — in 30 seconds or less — what would you say?

I work in a school; I type what's said in the classes. Then it shows up on a deaf student's laptop where they can read it.

How and at what age did you learn to type, or what did you enjoy about learning to type? 

In elementary school we were taught Home Row Typing. Then we got to play Oregon Trail or use Paint.

Ox Wanders Off

What did you study in college, or what were your favorite subjects in school? 

I studied linguistics in college, focusing on Spanish and Latin.

What do you believe are the most important skills or traits for a TypeWell transcriber to have?

I would say adaptability and pattern recognition.

If you could change anything about your work, what would it be?

Definitely fluency with Math Mode. I find it much easier to type things like "square root" than use the symbols.

Tortilla Bagged On Keyboard

What's the weirdest thing we might find on your desk or in your roller bag?

A Ziploc bag of tortillas is my favorite keyboard friendly snack/lunch.

What is one misconception people have about you?

That I don't speak at all.

Thanks for speaking with us, Kevin!


Edited by Betty Barnes

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