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Seven Questions: Joyce Dworsky

In our continuing series 7 Questions, we interview transcribers and coordinators who are part of the TypeWell community.  

Meet Joyce Dworsky, transcriber and Owner/Executive Director of Vital Signs, LLC based in Silver Spring, Maryland.

What did you study in college, or what were your favorite subjects in school?

Favorite subjects were anything remotely related to medicine . . . thus my company name and focus:  Vital Signs LLC

Vital Signs Staff photo

What do you believe are the most important skills or traits for a TypeWell coordinator to have?

Ability to multi-task!  Respond faster than the speed of light.  Patience, patience and more patience.

If you could change anything about your work, what would it be?

Dump the busy times and the quiet times into a blender and pour out the perfect mix."

What's the weirdest thing we might find on your desk or in your roller bag?

Lactaid tablets that I am always looking for and can never find when I need them!

How and at what age did you learn to type, or what did you enjoy about learning to type?

Way back when, I was lucky enough to be part of a local public school experiment in NC.  Tenth-grade students were given typing classes and I was in that group (before computers were on the scene).

How many languages do you speak and what are they?

English, ASL and conversational Hebrew (plus 3 years of HS French but that was basically a dud . . . la pomme et sur la table . . . that's about it).

Who inspires you, and why?

My staff - they never let me down and they are awesome!

Joyce Dworsky with her dog Macey


Edited by Betty Barnes

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