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New & Improved Internal Linking on Windows 10

Transcribing in a location without internet access? Can't connect to campus/public WiFi? Use Internal Linking!

Internal Linking works by turning the transcriber machine into a WiFi Access Point. Other devices in the area can then connect to that Virtual Access Point and see what the transcriber types using a regular Web browser.

Internal Linking is what many transcribers use as a "back-up" for Web Linking.

Diagram with icons on blue background showing how Web Linking differs from Internal Linking

Key Features of Internal Linking 

  • The transcriber can use Internal Linking to link to any computer or mobile device that's physically near the transcriber's laptop. 
  • Internal Linking is similar to Web Linking in that it uses the built-in Web browser on the reader's device. The reader doesn't need to install any special software. 
  • Unlike Web Linking, Internal Linking works even without an Internet connection, because the server resides on the transcriber's machine.

This Support Center article provides step-by-step instructions to install the new & improved Internal Server on a transcriber laptop:

Internal Server - Installation

NOTE:  The updated Internal Server software is currently called "beta" but it's been tried and tested for a couple of semesters already on laptops running Windows 10.

Let us know how it works for you or how it "saved the day"!

sidebar photo credit: TED Conference TEDResidency_20171128_2RL__3TW8121 via photopin (license)


Kate Ervin

Kate became a TypeWell transcriber in 2004 and began training new transcribers in 2009. She has served as TypeWell's Executive Director since 2011.

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