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Learning All Over Again: A Review of TypeWell’s Turbo Courselet

With all of the Top 40 abbreviations, Long-Word patterns, punctuation abbreviations, Math Mode, and speaker identifiers, it would seem like there is no way TypeWell can abbreviate words even more — but oh, they can and they have.

By using Turbo, I can save my fingers keystrokes and give myself time to chunk more effectively.

Most transcribers learn to type all of the consonants in a Long Word, such as typing "cmpstn" for the word "composition." TypeWell offers Turbo Mode, which was introduced in Version 6 back in 2011 and allows transcribers to abbreviate the most common prefixes and suffixes in the English language, e.g. "com-," "per-," "-tion" and "-ble." Most of these prefixes and suffixes have been shortened to just one letter, which is much easier on the transcriber's hands in the long run. So instead of "cmpstn" for "composition," the transcriber can type "cpsx" in TypeWell's Turbo mode, which saves the transcriber two keystrokes in this one word alone.

The courselet for Turbo 1 isn't as lengthy or expensive as the Basic Skills course — it's five lessons for an investment of $60 — but it requires a lot of self-practice and application over the course of a couple of weeks to build upon existing skills. This course is perfect for the transcriber who has close to a year of experience and who has some time between transcribing assignments to dedicate to learning the Turbo abbreviations.

Turbo Courselet

From experience, I can definitely say that the Turbo 1 courselet is worth any transcriber's time. This is not to say that the courselet was easy or didn't present any challenges. It seemed like I’d finally mastered the main abbreviations, and now I was trying to learn completely new ones all over again. 

But the practice is worth it; there are a lot of words that contain prefixes and suffixes (or both). By using Turbo, I can save my fingers keystrokes and give myself time to chunk more effectively. Just like learning the basic TypeWell abbreviations, Turbo Mode can become second nature when enough time and effort is put into the courselet. 

You can find more information about the Turbo Courselet and other continuing education opportunities in the TypeWell Learning Center.

Photo credit: CC-BY-SA-3.0 by Parag.naik at Wikimedia


Carly Gerard

Carly Gerard is a TypeWell Transcriber and an aspiring creative/professional writer. She has her Bachelor’s in creative writing and hopes to go on to receive a Master’s degree in professional writing. She will still transcribe during that time, of course.

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