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Transcriber Review: “Skill Building for New TypeWell Transcribers” QuickClass

A year ago to the month, I became qualified as a TypeWell Transcriber. After those eight weeks of rigorous training, I couldn’t wait to get into the classroom, put all the newly learned abbreviations to the test, and provide services for a real student. Sitting in the chair, booting up the computers, and opening the blank screen of TypeWell never ceases to energize me.

But I didn’t expect to feel so alone. I was the only newbie transcriber at my places of work; I transcribed with only three other people the entire school year and was just a sub with two of them.

The isolation in my work made me wonder if there was anyone out there like me—new to the transcribing scene and going through the same patience-testing things I was.

Thank goodness for pepnet 2’s "New Transcriber QuickClass." This six-week online class focused on discussion with other newbie transcribers; topics included professionalism, peer mentoring, working with the PAL, and more.

Alone Classroom

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Pros of the class:  I participated in discussion with a community of newcomer transcribers like myself and even shared a good laugh now and then. The class made me realize that I wasn’t the only person with work stories that tested what we had learned about ethics in the TypeWell training course, or that I really needed help with my on-the-fly PAL work. 

The New Transcriber QuickClass made me think, "finally, someone understands!"

Bonus:  The class is free through pepnet 2. All you do is create an account and sign up for the class. Participation is just five hours a week.

Cons:  It's a free class to improve your transcribing with fabulous teachers and other students—there are no cons!

After taking the QuickClass class back in June, I recommend it to every transcriber who has been transcribing for less than one year. As I look back on my year of transcribing, I can’t imagine how I would transcribe today without the additional help and skill-building from pepnet 2’s New Transcriber QuickClass.

For a listing of all the TypeWell-related QuickClasses offered through pepnet 2, visit the TypeWell Learning Center. Registration for winter term this year is open from December 10th through January 15th and can be found at


Carly Gerard

Carly is a TypeWell transcriber and 2013 graduate of Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA. When she's not blogging and tweeting for TypeWell, Carly enjoys being with her family and pets, or getting her coffee fix with friends.

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