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Happy 15th Anniversary, TypeWell!

The first cohort of TypeWell transcribers completed their training in August 1999. Over the past 15 years, the TypeWell training and software programs have advanced tremendously. 

This timeline shows some of the highlights, year by year, alongside other technological advances that have changed our lives. (Hover over some of the timeline images to make them expand or change.)

Thanks for helping us celebrate — Enjoy!

Click to view the full timeline

15 Years With Type Well Page 01

Click on the image above to view the entire timeline (PDF). Depending on your computer's settings, it may download the PDF or open it in a new browser window.

Timeline design: Dani Zeghbib


Kate Ervin

Kate became a TypeWell transcriber in 2004 and began training new transcribers in 2009. She has served as TypeWell's Executive Director since 2011.

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