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Call for Volunteers! 2016 TypeWell Conference Planning Committee

The last TypeWell-sponsored conference took place in April 2013 on the campus of Portland Community College in Portland, Oregon. Since then, TW Director Kate Ervin has led smaller, hands-on training workshops in several different states and in British Columbia. She and Janet Fedorchuck (Assistant Director of Education) will be leading another hands-on workshop for transcribers at the University of Central Arkansas on May 8, 2015.

The 2013 conference in Portland spanned 2 days and boasted over 70 attendees. There were 3 concurrent workshop "tracks" — two tracks for transcribers, and one for service coordinators. 

The Ohio State University Disability Services also hosted a conference later in 2013 — with the theme Mind, Body & "Sole"  — which was the first of its kind to offer TypeWell transcribers a remote participation option (webcast). This allowed a number of attendees to participate who were unable to travel in person to Columbus, OH.

See the Event Archive for information about past conferences and workshops.

We're due for another TypeWell conference, don't you think?

We hope to schedule the next big professional development event for early Summer 2016. We're forming a volunteer Conference Committee to develop a conference theme, secure a location, raise funds, find sponsors, develop a call for proposals, manage a selection committee, schedule sessions, organize catering, and all of the other logistics that go into planning a successful event. 

We invite transcribers, service coordinators, disability support staff, and other members of the TypeWell community to volunteer. You have the talent and resources to make this the best networking event our professional community has ever experienced!

Read the Call for Volunteers here.


Kate Ervin

Kate became a TypeWell transcriber in 2004 and began training new transcribers in 2009. She has served as TypeWell's Executive Director since 2011.

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