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Skill Development & Continuing Education

User Review of New Short Course: "Grammatically Speaking"

Can you remember the last time a training session made you legitimately laugh? Yeah, me neither. Maybe it’s the inside jokes or maybe it’s a shared sense of humor, but TypeWell’s newest LEO course, Grammatically Speaking: Lists & Serial Elements, is not only hilarious but highly informative...

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Call for Volunteers! 2016 TypeWell Conference Planning Committee

We're due for another TypeWell conference, don't you think?

Volunteer for the Conference Committee! We hope to schedule the next big professional development event for early Summer 2016. Organizers will develop a conference theme, secure a location, raise funds, find sponsors, develop a call for proposals, manage a selection committee, schedule sessions, organize catering, and all of the other logistics that go into planning a successful event...

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Coordinator Spotlight: Tina Cowsert at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

I interviewed Tina Cowsert recently about her process of acclimation to her new position as Access Specialist for Deaf/HOH and Blind/Low Vision students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 

Disability Resources and Educational Services (DRES) is a bustling and extensive department, and I was aware that TypeWell was likely only a small portion of Tina's position, particularly in the first few weeks, so I checked in with her about two months after her start date for this interview.

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Pilot Co-Op Class Begins November 2014

We're looking forward to offering several online continuing education opportunities for professional TypeWell transcribers and disability service coordinators. These will take place in a new section of our website called “LEO” (short for “Learning & Enrichment Online”). 

The course offerings will begin in earnest in Spring 2015, but the pilot class beginning this month marks our soft launch.

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The Instructor's Perspective: a transcriber takes her place at the front of the classroom

Rachel Ballard — I spent two quarters at the front of the room, teaching a core English class, before returning to the chair marked "reserved for DSS" in the back of the classroom and resuming my work as a TypeWell transcriber. This brief experience of working as an instructor was a fascinating glimpse into what instructors and professors face on a day-to-day basis...

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Why Turbo 2 Is the Best Thing to Happen in TypeWell V7

There are constant innovations being made in an effort to make TypeWell more accessible for both transcriber and reader. Turbo II is a newly added extension to Turbo mode in TypeWell. Turbo II gives you more time to capture the main ideas without worrying about how many S's are in Mississippi...

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