Basic Skills Training Package Announced

Basic Skills Training Package

Beginning in May 2020, we added some additional steps to the training process for new TypeWell transcribers:

  • Following their completion of the Basic Skills Course, every new transcriber will need to complete two remote skill consultations as they start gaining experience with providing real-time speech-to-text services.
  • A TypeWell teacher/mentor will reach out to the new transcriber to schedule these remote observations during their first semester of work.
  • Each consultation should take less than one hour.
  • Following each observation, the new transcriber and their employer will receive applicative, written feedback to help guide the transcriber’s continued skill development.
  • Approximately 4-6 months after completing the Basic Skills Course, new TypeWell transcribers will receive access to the Turbo Courselet, a 5-lesson distance learning program that teaches more advanced abbreviations.

The two Skill Consultations and the Turbo Courselet would normally cost $329 (which, combined with the Basic Skills Course fee, would bring the entire TypeWell training to $948). Instead of requiring sponsors to pay for these separately, we’re rolling everything into a single Basic Skills Training Package with a one-time fee of $799.

New training fees went into effect on May 15, 2020:

  • Basic Skills Training Package  $799 – includes the Basic Skills Course, two remote Skill Consultations, and the Turbo Courselet
  • Refresher Training Package  $499 – includes the Refresher Skills Course, one or two Skill Consultations (as needed), and the Turbo Courselet

Infographic showing the TypeWell training process

Why did TypeWell make these changes?

We were eager to solve some persistent problems—such as transcriber turnover and stunted skill development—while providing some important benefits:

  • New professionals will receive feedback from an experienced mentor during their first semester (which 90% of new transcribers are currently not receiving).
  • Sponsors/employers will concurrently receive guidance on how to best support their new transcribers.

Our goals for the TypeWell transcribing profession overall are:

  • Increased transcriber retention
  • Decreased pressure on sponsors to “mentor” brand new transcribers
  • Deeper skill development during the critical first semester
  • Higher quality services for deaf and hard-of-hearing consumers