Flexible Options to Train Speech-to-Text Transcribers

Business woman on video conference demonstrating how to train transcribers in a remote learning office environment

The impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on our industry underscore the importance of flexibility in how employers can find and train new speech-to-text transcribers. So, we’re rolling out an updated Sponsorship Policy for prospective TypeWell transcribers. We’re also expanding our Train-to-Hire Program to even more cities and regions throughout the United States and Canada.

We’ve been training transcribers since 1999, and we transitioned to distance learning in 2007. All of our training is done remotely!

TypeWell transcriber candidates can now pay their own course fee

. . . . but, only if they have a job lined up. The last thing we want is to train a transcriber who can’t actually secure employment. Our updated Sponsorship Policy allows candidates to pay their own course fees. However, they still need to identify their current or future employer as a “sponsor” during the training.

We can recruit and train your new transcriber with no up-front costs

If your school or organization cannot “front” the money to pay us to train transcribers, then why not let us do the recruiting and cover the up-front costs? You’ll end up paying a bit more in the end, but the key is that you only pay once they begin providing real-time transcribing services.

This Train-to-Hire Program has met with awesome success in cities like St. Louis, College Park, and San Luis Obispo. We’re now expanding it to Vancouver, BC and we’re open to working in other cities and regions.

The program reduces the “risk” associated with training transcribers who might not work out. It also saves you the time and energy of recruiting, interviewing, supervising, and mentoring during their critical first semester of work.

Learn more and take a brief survey to determine if this option is a good fit for your site.