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Licensed only to graduates of the TypeWell transcribing course, or their employers.
Prices are valid through July 31, 2017. Future pricing will be available May 15, 2017.

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A note for current V6 users Academic & non-profit discounts
There is an "add-on" charge ($29/month or $239/year) to use the Web Linking feature with V6 Premium Transcriber software. To purchase this add-on for your existing V6 Premium license, visit the Software Licenses page in your TypeWell account and click "Add or Upgrade Licenses." Effective August 2016, the discount for qualifying academic institutions and non-profit organizations is 15%! This discount should automatically be reflected in your TypeWell account when purchasing or renewing V7 Transcriber software licenses. If you believe your institution is eligible but you do not see a discounted price in your account, please contact us immediately.