To be eligible for the TypeWell Basic Skills transcribing course or the Refresher course, a candidate must complete our online application process. 

The interactive training software for each course listed below is included in the enrollment fee.

Use our interactive Cost Estimator to calculate first-year and ongoing costs when training your own transcriber.


TypeWell Basic Skills Course

Teaches the basic skills necessary to provide TypeWell meaning-for-meaning communication access. This distance learning course includes interactive software with regular feedback from a team of experienced teachers.

TypeWell Refresher Course

Available to TypeWell transcribers who previously completed the Basic Skills Course and wish to refresh their skills. This distance learning course covers the same material in the Basic Skills Course, but allows students to proceed more quickly in areas where their skills are still strong.

Turbo I Courselet

Available to TypeWell transcribers who have provided real-time TypeWell services for at least six months. This self-paced course teaches advanced abbreviation patterns using the same interactive teaching methods as our Basic Skills and Refresher Courses.

Math Mode Basics

Available to TypeWell transcribers who have provided real-time TypeWell services for at least 1 year. This self-paced LEO course teaches transcribers to use TypeWell's Math Mode, a special dictionary setting within the Transcriber software designed for capturing math/science symbols and notation.

Equipment Needed

The Basic Skills Course must be done on a laptop computer running Windows. The Refresher Course and Turbo Courselet software can be installed on a laptop or desktop.

Course equipment requirements

Save with Pre-paid Seats

If you train new transcribers regularly, pre-pay for seats to lock in current pricing and to take advantage of bulk discounts. Pre-paid seats should be used within 2 years. The value of unused seats can be converted to software and continuing education.


Payment is by credit card only. Payment instructions will be emailed directly to the candidate or the course sponsor during the registration process. Except where otherwise noted, all training prices shown above are valid until June 30, 2017.