A TypeWell transcriber can work on-site or off-site.

An on-site TypeWell transcriber uses a laptop on a steno table. The transcriber sits in an area that ensures optimal ability to hear lecturers and participants and to view an overhead screen or board. The reader sits anywhere in the room and receives the transcript on his/her computer or mobile device.

students listening to lecture, transcribers on computers in background

An off-site TypeWell transcriber uses a laptop or desktop computer and listens to the lecture or discussion remotely. This is known as "remote transcribing." A small wireless microphone transmits the audio from the classroom or meeting room to the transcriber via Skype or another audio connection. 

When using remote transcribing services, the reader can sit anywhere in the room and view the transcript on his/her computer or mobile device. To maintain a quality audio signal, the right microphone must be used and be placed appropriately. A reliable Internet connection also is required.

Is wireless Internet required?

Not necessarily. Because individuals may use different mobile devices or computers, TypeWell features a variety of linking methods to adapt to any setting. For example, the reader's device (such as an iPad) can receive the transcript over the Internet or directly from the transcriber's laptop.

Where WiFi is not readily available, the transcriber can create a virtual access point from a computer and broadcast the transcript to any WiFi-enabled device.

students listening to lecture with focus on computer

Remote TypeWell services do require a reliable Internet connection, either wired or wireless.

Access the discussion anywhere

Some settings pose extra challenges for communication access. Even in laboratory or field settings, or at special events and conferences, a reader can use TypeWell services for immediate communication access.

The transcriber, whether on- or off-site, similarly must be able to access the audible discussion and reliably link the transcript to the reader.

TypeWell can help you coordinate communication services for these types of settings.

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