Accelerate your everyday typing.

Starting in August 2016, TypeWell Everywhere is now a standard feature built into your V7 Transcriber software!

TypeWell Everywhere lets you use the abbreviations in any program on a Windows computer, so you can keep your abbreviation skills sharp.

Graduates of the TypeWell transcribing course can use this software to build typing speed through constant practice with the basic (Classic) and advanced (Turbo) abbreviations. However, Everywhere does not replace the TypeWell Transcriber software and should not be used to provide communication access.

How it works.

TypeWell Everywhere software runs in the background on your computer and works with the keyboard in every program. Although it is distinct from the classroom transcribing program, TypeWell Everywhere is seamlessly integrated with your operating system in everything you type — even short messages.

Press a special key to activate TypeWell Everywhere on your PC. You will need Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, or Vista.

TypeWell Everywhere will invisibly expand abbreviations as you type.

Two great options.

There are two versions of the standalone version of TypeWell Everywhere. The Mini version includes TypeWell's 500,000-word dictionary but lacks the Personal Abbreviation List (PAL) capability.

The Standard version of TypeWell Everywhere includes the PAL capability, enabling you to add custom abbreviations to your system. Standard also adds automatic accent marks on commonly used words. For example, snrta expands to señorita, and rsm expands first to resume, then résumé.

Everywhere Standard also has a special feature that allows you to use the semicolon quick-correct key in programs like Microsoft Excel and the Captioning Pod in Adobe Connect.

Ready to use TypeWell Everywhere?

Available to graduates of the Basic Skills Course

Simple, flexible pricing