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Experienced transcribers want greater flexibility to customize their Personal Abbreviation List based on class, subject, student, campus, etc. These powerful new PAL features put custom abbreviations at your fingertips, with the speed and efficiency you always expect from TypeWell.

Customizable Dictionary

Use the same abbreviation for different words, depending on the class or context you're transcribing in. If you share a laptop with other transcribers, you have the freedom to use your abbreviations and they can use theirs, without any confusing conflicts.

IR could expand to "Industrial Revolution" in History class, or "Internal Resistance" in Physics class.

The new MultiPAL feature lets you create, import, edit, and configure multiple tabs — or abbreviation lists — on one machine. Enable/disable one or more tabs, drag and drop to reorder, and then assign each configuration to a PAL profile. Configure up to 9 different PAL profiles on a single machine, using the function keys (F4 through F12) to instantly switch between profiles.

Turn on your Algebra PAL by pressing F4, then switch to F5 for History.

If you have a "universal" list — for example, abbreviations that you love to use in every class or that you share with your whole staff — simply keep that list enabled across all PAL profiles.


Back up your PAL, copy or move it to another machine, or share with another transcriber. 

Export the PAL file to a thumb drive, or email it to yourself or a colleague. Then import the file when and where you need it.

Powerful PAL Editing

The "Days" column in the PAL window shows how many days have elapsed since you last used each abbreviation. You can sort each column in the PAL, alphabetically by abbreviation, alphabetically by expansion, or by the number of days idle. 

Copy/Cut/Paste between lists in your MultiPAL. 

Batch select and delete to quickly remove last semester's abbreviations.

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