Talking TypeWell: Educating clients and colleagues about speech-to-text services

As a transcriber, support staff member, or coordinator, you are often the first and primary source of information about TypeWell. You may be charged with educating parents, peers, and educators about TypeWell and other speech-to-text accommodations. As such, you're bound to be presented with legitimate concerns and challenging questions.

Webinar recorded on March 28, 2014.

Alternatives to Skype Linking

Skype plans to discontinue support for third-party add-on functions in 2014. This means that TypeWell's Skype Linking feature may cease to function.

What does this mean for remote TypeWell service providers who previously used Skype linking? What other options do you have for remote linking? Can you still use Skype to listen to the class discussion and chat with the supported student?

PowerPoint from the conference call held on January 10, 2014.

Transcriber Evaluation Tools & Resources

3-minute overview of tools to help TypeWell service coordinators evaluate transcripts, and to help transcribers improve their skills.

Additional resources (including interactive 35-minute video of coordinator teleconference):

Transcriber Evaluation Tools & Resources

Voice-to-text services increase in popularity

Alternative Communication Services was featured on Chicago's ABC 7 Disability Issues with with Karen Meyer.

Link to original story:

Speech-to-Text Transcribing: A Consumer Report

Post-Secondary Communication Access Services (PCAS) at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) is a province-wide service to support students with hearing loss, and is funded by the BC Ministry of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development.

This two-part video was produced by PCAS and is shared with their permission.

Part 1

Part 2