Transcriber Evaluation Tools & Resources

3-minute overview of tools to help TypeWell service coordinators evaluate transcripts, and to help transcribers improve their skills.

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Transcript of 3-minute video:

Hi there. I'm going to quickly introduce some skill evaluation tools and skill improvement tools that are available to TypeWell transcribers and service coordinators.  

One of the easiest tools to use is the TypeWell self-test. It's a feature built right in to the TypeWell Transcribe software and it calculates statistics based on the most current (or recent) typing session. So a transcriber can see how consistently they're using the Top 40 abbreviations and whether they're making too many error corrections.

To use the self-test, just press Control+T at the end of class and the statistics will automatically be calculated and displayed like this. The green bars show which abbreviations are being used well, and the red bars show the abbreviations that aren't being used consistently.  

Another built-in feature in TypeWell is a special setting in the TypeWell abbreviation menu. It lets you highlight any wasted keystrokes. So you'll see the option to turn on red for spelling errors, and also turn on red for abbreviation errors. So in Classic mode, if you turn on red for abbreviation errors, it will highlight any Top 40 words that you didn't abbreviate. And in Turbo mode, it also highlights the Turbo abbreviations that you didn't abbreviate.

So here's an exaggerated example. The highlighted red letters show wasted keystrokes. I find that if I keep these red letter settings turned ON when I'm transcribing, even if there is a lot of red in my transcript at the beginning of class, the constant reminders help me learn on the fly. So, by the end of class, there's almost no red.

The transcript analysis checklist is one of the most useful tools available, whether you're a transcriber, a mentor, or a supervisor. It's a PDF, so it's a form that you can either print out or type into on your computer. Let's give it a second to open. It shows, it's a checklist that you fill out, and it covers the four basic areas that we use when we're analyzing transcripts: formatting, grammar, abbreviation system use, and most importantly, message content.

Finally, check out the TypeWell Learning Center to read about all of our course offerings (the Basic Skills Course, the Refresher Course, the Courselet, and any upcoming QuickClasses through pepnet). You can also look for upcoming workshops. We post our online workshops, Google+ hangouts, and upcoming conferences, all on the website. This is a great place to keep up to date.

And you can also look for more online videos and tutorials, coming soon. Thanks!

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