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Do you want to strengthen your chunking skills, reduce error corrections, or enhance your use of advanced software features? Is there some aspect of your skill development that feels "stuck"?

As a professional transcriber, you may wish to target specific skill areas for improvement or determine whether you're using the TypeWell features optimally.

Through focused, individualized mentoring, our expert teachers will help you set attainable goals and improve the quality of your transcribing.

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The 5-step Skill Consultation Package for TypeWell transcribers includes:

  1. Focus Survey (15 minutes) to help formulate and clarify goals.
  2. Intro Call (30 minutes) to discuss goals and logistics of remote observation.
  3. Remote Observation during a regular transcribing assignment (20-30 minutes) using Web Linking or screen sharing. Confidentiality of class content will be maintained. If real-time remote observation is not feasible, we'll send directions for recording a screencast with a pre-recorded lecture.
  4. Summary Report (written) from the teacher, for reference during and after the consultation.
  5. Skill Consultation (60 minutes), a one-on-one phone session in which the teacher will provide supportive, honest feedback and suggest concrete strategies for improvement.

NOTE: Full payment is due when scheduling the Intro Call. This payment includes the Focus Survey, Intro Call, Remote Observation(s), and Consultation Session(s): $150 for one package as shown above; $250 for 2 observations, 2 reports, 2 consultations; $325 for 3 observations, 3 reports, 3 consultations.

Optional follow-up observations and consultations are strongly encouraged but not required.

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