TypeWell 101:
What Service Coordinators Need To Know

Start Date: Monday, January 26, 2015
Class Length: 4 weeks
Cost: $120 ($80 for participants in British Columbia)
Facilitator: Kate Ervin (Director, TypeWell)

Class Description

In this 4-week survey class, participants will develop greater understanding of how speech-to-text accommodations are implemented successfully in the educational setting. Each week will focus on a key aspect or member of the service provision cycle: The Student, The Technology, The Transcriber, and The Coordinator.

While this class focuses primarily on the TypeWell software and training system, many of the topics will be relevant and related to other real-time speech-to-text services. Coordinators who oversee CART, C-Print or other related services are welcome to participate.

This is a cooperative online learning (Co-Op) class, meaning it is primarily discussion-based with weekly forums, readings, and assignments. While the schedule is semi-flexible, participants are expected to sign in to the class throughout the week in order to complete required activities and contribute regularly to the discussion forums

Expected time commitment is 5 hours/week.

Learning Objectives

  • identify characteristics of a student or class in which speech-to-text accommodations might be appropriate
  • discuss common challenges faced by disability service coordinators with respect to recruiting, training, scheduling, managing, and retaining qualified TypeWell transcribers
  • predict and prepare for technology and personnel setbacks by implementing appropriate back-up measures
  • compile resources, ideas, and contacts that will help you in the future

About the Facilitator

Kate Ervin has directed TypeWell since 2011 and has over 10 years of experience as a freelance transcriber and consultant. Overseeing TypeWell's day-to-day operations, Kate assists disability service coordinators and business owners across North America to recruit, hire, train, and oversee speech-to-text service providers. She is responsible for upholding TypeWell's professional standards and is deeply familiar with all aspects of service provision, from the moment a deaf or hard-of-hearing individual requests accommodations in school, to the moment he or she enters the workforce.

Apply for the Co-Op Class

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Deadline to apply: Tuesday, January 20, 2015