Learning & Enrichment Online (LEO)

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"LEO" is our online learning management system, built on the award-winning Edvance360 platform. 

Individual and Group Learning 

Two types of classes are offered in LEO: Short Courses for individual skill building and Co-Op Classes for group learning.

  • Short Courses - These are asynchronous online courses that individual professionals complete at their own pace. The Short Course format is appropriate for building technical skills and developing individual competencies.
  • Co-Op Classes - "Co-op" is short for "cooperative online learning" conducted in a co-synchronous e-learning environment. Professionals complete a 3- to 5-week course together, using Web tools to gather information, share resources, discuss ideas, and comment on each other’s contributions. This provides a rich, collaborative learning experience under the guidance of one or more trained facilitators.

Additional Content and Benefits

With an active account in LEO, you will enjoy:

  • Monthly practice lecture for transcribers — compare and contrast chunking "styles" by sharing and reviewing transcripts of the same lecture.
  • Access to recordings of past webinars — if you missed one of our webinars or you're new to TypeWell, check out whatever you missed.
  • Kyp's Tips — our skill-building blog, reincarnated.
  • "Office hours" twice a month — chat live with TypeWell teachers and special guests, every first and third Friday, from 10-12 Pacific (1-3 Eastern time).

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