Are You Our Type?

Transcribing is a job that only someone with a highly specific set of skills can successfully perform. Some of the skills we can, and do, teach. But before enrolling, you must demonstrate expertise in each "prerequisite." Every one.

So, be honest with yourself — and with us.

Here you'll find the required skills and aptitudes. How do you measure up?

To be accepted for the course, a candidate must have:

  • good listening and memory skills 
  • excellent English skills 
  • typing speed of at least 60 words per minute, with no errors 
  • basic computer knowledge 

We also strongly suggest that candidates have no history of pain in the arms or wrist that might suggest a tendency toward repetitive motion disorders. This is not a requirement but is a strong recommendation, due to the level and duration of intense typing required during and after the course.  

If you decide to proceed, be aware that each candidate must complete an online application. The application process includes detailed information about the job of a transcriber, what equipment is necessary, and offers an overview of the course syllabus and training schedule.

Finally, remember that those who currently provide traditional note taking services (by hand or on a computer) or who currently practice stenography or verbatim transcription are generally not good candidates for TypeWell.

On-site Experience is Recommended

Upon earning their initial service qualification, TypeWell transcribers are strongly encouraged to gain on-site experience providing real-time communication access for one or more real clients, before providing services remotely. 

"On-site" means that the transcriber is physically present in the same classroom or meeting location as the client. Unlike a remote transcriber, the on-site transcriber has visual access to the information on the board or classroom handouts. They can also hear everyone in the room clearly and troubleshoot any technology concerns. 

Working on-site allows new transcribers to fully develop their skills as professional communication access providers. Working strictly in a remote setting is less ideal, because so much of the visual information and auditory conversation is inaccessible.

Identify a Course Sponsor

If you are enrolling in the Basic Skills Course as a first-time transcriber, you must have an official sponsor: a current or future employer who will be hiring you to provide speech-to-text services. Candidates are typically sponsored by schools, universities, or companies that need a TypeWell transcriber to provide services for a student or employee with hearing difficulties.

Upon successful completion of the course, your sponsor must provide an opportunity for you to use your new skills to provide on-site services for one or more real clients, as described above. New transcribers may not provide remote services until they have obtained sufficient on-site work experience.

If you are a former transcriber applying for the Refresher Course, or if you have prior experience as a communication access provider (e.g., as a sign language interpreter), you are not required to have a course sponsor.

Start the Application

Candidates for the TypeWell Basic Skills Course and the Refresher Course must complete a free online application that includes information about being a transcriber, describes what equipment is required, and explains the course and training schedule.

This application takes 30-40 minutes to complete and does not guarantee acceptance in the course.

Once your application is accepted, your designated sponsor or another payer — such as an advisor or service coordinator — may process the registration fee payment by credit card.

TypeWell sends both you and your sponsor automated information throughout the course about performance, test scores, and successful completion.

Once you are enrolled, we will email registration instructions, which include:

  • choosing your start date, 
  • designating where to mail the course materials, and 
  • completing a signed waiver and information sheet.

Create your application account now

The waiting period for the course start date may be as short as a week or as long as three months. You will see a list of available course start dates during the application process.

Course materials will arrive by postal mail a day or two before your scheduled start date. They include a workbook and instructions for downloading, installing and activating the course software.

Although software installation is easy, you may need technical support. Arrange that well ahead of time so everything is functioning when the course begins.

This is only the beginning!

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