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Skill Assessment Leaderboard

Congratulations to the following transcribers for demonstrating excellent performance on the Skill Assessment!

English 200 Skill Assessment: Highest Rate of Content Captured

1st Place Andrew Hansen - TypeWell Transcriber (New York, NY)
2nd Place Benjamin Merrill - TypeWell Transcriber (Kuna, ID)
3rd Place S.F. - C-Print Captionist (Rochester, NY)
4th Place Amy Hazel - TypeWell Transcriber (Everton, AR)
5th Place Randi Hecht - TypeWell Transcriber (Reno, NV)

Conferences and Workshops

Attending regional workshops or international conferences will rejuvenate your enthusiasm and sharpen your skills. There's no better way to build partnerships with other like-minded professionals, learn cutting-edge strategies, and connect with experts and mentors face-to-face. 

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Online collaborative learning 

Whether you participate in a one-hour webinar or a six-week interactive class, online learning opportunities bring you closer to peers and colleagues around the country. Strengthen your professional network while earning continuing education credit. 

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One-on-one Skill Consultations

Through focused, individualized mentoring, our expert teachers will help you set attainable goals and improve the quality of your transcribing.

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Discussion groups

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Google Groups are discussion groups based on common interests, where users read and participate in threaded conversations, either through a web interface or by email. 

TypeWell has two long-running Google Groups, one for transcribers and one for Service Coordinators who oversee TypeWell services.

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