TypeWell is excited to announce our new Train-to-Hire Program!

What is the Train-to-Hire Program?

This is a new approach to training on-site transcribers to work in the classroom, in regions where there is a high demand for speech-to-text communication access. TypeWell successfully piloted this program at three different colleges/universities in three different cities in 2017 and 2018. Those institutions previously relied on agencies to fill most (or all) of their transcription needs.

Those institutions now have on-site transcribers in place and are seeing a significant cost savings as a result.

Why this new approach?

Schools, colleges, and universities have limited resources, yet they are seeing a greater demand for speech-to-text services. 

Traditionally, when educational institutions "sponsor" candidates to complete our Basic Skills Course, they assume the full risk of financial investment, time, and human resources. The sponsoring institutions have no guarantee that their candidates will successfully complete the training, nor that the trained transcribers will work for them long enough to recoup the investment.

To avoid the inherent risk in training their own staff, many institutions turn to third-party companies—commonly known as "agencies"—to provide speech-to-text services. While agencies provide greater flexibility, they can also charge up to 2‐3 times the hourly rate of a freelance or staff transcriber.

It’s time for something new.

Estimated First Year Costs

How does the Train-to-Hire Program work?

TypeWell identifies regions with a high demand for real-time transcribers and then recruits, trains, and supports candidates through their first semester of on-site transcribing. 

Recruiting and training are what we do best! We've done it since 1999.

TypeWell covers all of the upfront costs, which relieves educational institutions of much of the training-related risks.

The educational institution does not pay anything until a trained transcriber is in the classroom providing services.

After the transcriber completes a semester-long practicum under TypeWell’s oversight, the educational institution can then hire the transcriber directly. From start to finish—that is, from the time we train the candidate to the time they're hired by the school—TypeWell oversees the 6-8 month process and then steps back, leaving the institution with a highly-qualified on-site transcriber.

The primary goals of the Train-to-Hire Program are:

  • Increase the supply of on-site transcribers for schools, colleges, and universities that need to provide speech-to-text services for their students.
  • Continually improve the quality of TypeWell transcription services that students are receiving. 
  • Identify highly-qualified candidates and recruit them into this rewarding and meaningful profession by providing paid training and support.

Would you like to hear directly from other postsecondary service coordinators who participated in the train-to-hire program? 

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