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We help you provide the best.

TypeWell is a cost-effective, advanced, speech-to-text accommodation that's easy to implement and maintain. Build an enduring collaboration with an expert support team that understands your needs.

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You need a skilled speech-to-text transcriber — not just a note taker — to provide access to substantive content in classes or meetings.

You want to work with a solution-oriented team that makes your job easier.

You require a clear idea of what you're paying for.

You've found it.

If a speech-to-text solution is right for you, TypeWell is the best choice. 

We train only the best.

We offer the most effective training in our industry. TypeWell transcribers use advanced software that's continually modernized with new features and dictionary updates. All at an affordable cost.

We help you find capable candidates, and provide personal guidance throughout their training. We also offer free online classes to support new transcribers during their first year. 

Over time, we communicate regularly with transcribers and their supervisors to ensure that everything works smoothly.

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Continuing education opportunities

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We make it affordable.

The TypeWell software works on any basic laptop computer. Readers can use their own computer, smartphone, or other mobile device, which makes TypeWell the easiest and most flexible speech-to-text accommodation available.

Software upgrades and technical support are free. Always.

Our clients request the same transcribers back year after year, so you can rest assured that you're making a sound investment.

If you're responsible for a smaller program with intermittent service needs, you may not be able to justify a hefty investment. With TypeWell's subscription pricing, you pay only when you provide services.

The simplest way to tell if TypeWell is the right assistive technology service for you is to do the math.

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We keep innovating.

Whether you're new to TypeWell or have a growing group of experienced transcribers, we provide continuing guidance and opportunities to learn.

Transcribers and coordinators connect through TypeWell's online support, virtual networking, in-person conferences, and workshops.

Even better, our technology is always improving and our support is always free.

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