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Using TypeWell In Law School

This past academic year, I had the privilege to provide TypeWell services for a first-year law student. I’d like to share my thoughts about this experience in the hopes that it might open up new avenues of work for TypeWell transcribers, in subject areas that had previously been seen as too dense or high pressure for our meaning-for-meaning style.

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Improvements to Web Linking, including new features for team transcribers

There may be cases when viewers wish to distinguish between the different transcribers using colored highlighting over the text.  For example, when a supervisor wishes to evaluate different transcribers' skills during a teamed assignment, or when transcribers need to quickly find and edit their own sections. 

Optionally highlight team transcribers' typing in different colors by adding the special code ?teamcolor to the end of a Web Linking URL.

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Upgrading to TW Version 7: a user's perspective

"I love the ability to create several different PALs," says Dave Wollenhaup, a transcriber in the Las Vegas area. The PAL is a transcriber's Personal Abbreviation List, and V7 boasts a new feature called MultiPAL...

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