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What Do Employers Seek in You?

Thinking about your job prospects for 2017? Randi Hecht (Owner and Founder of Intellitext) and Kate Ervin (Director of TypeWell) are co-facilitating a 3-week Résumé & Social Media Workshop online, beginning November 28.

People are a company’s strongest asset, making recruiting an important part of every business. However, seeking a qualified TypeWell transcriber presents unique challenges. TypeWell transcribers require a very specific set of skills, which must be initially (and quickly) assessed through the applicant’s first contact with the employer. Employers can receive hundreds of résumés/cover letters from transcribers in a short period of time, which forces “make or break” deterministic rules to be made.

One bad typo can cause the employer to immediately move on to the next applicant.

The most glaring problem is often typos. The transcribing profession requires impeccable grammar and spelling skills, along with the ability to notice and correct mistakes on the fly. If an applicant isn’t able to recognize mistakes in a document that should be highly edited — their résumé — the individual comes off as careless and unable to achieve accuracy in their everyday work as a speech-to-text provider. One bad typo can cause the employer to immediately move on to the next applicant.

Professionalism should be present in an applicant’s cover letter and résumé, too. Did the applicant clearly take the time to tailor their documents toward the job description? Is the cover letter written well, with appropriate formatting and language? Did the applicant properly address their interest in the position and demonstrate why they are a strong fit?

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"It has become very common for employers to research applicants (and existing staff!) on the Internet."

It has become very common for employers to research applicants (and existing staff!) on the internet. Does the individual have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube page that is public, and if so, is it professional? What type of pictures have they been tagged in, what are their posts/”likes” about, and most of all, do they publicize participating in illegal activities?

Lastly, how does the applicant stand apart from the rest? Is the letterhead aesthetically pleasing, and are both the cover letter and résumé consistent? Did the applicant research the company and mention relevant information in the cover letter? Did the applicant reach out within a week to follow up about their application? Has the applicant written professional blog posts about the industry? Are links to professional social media accounts, such as LinkedIn, included in the header?

These are just a few of many important steps that job applicants should take to increase the likelihood of landing the perfect TypeWell job. For more expert tips and plenty of hands-on assistance, join me next month in a 3-week Résumé and Social Media Workshop, starting November 28th! Along with my co-facilitator, Kate Ervin (Director of TypeWell), we’ll help you show off the skills you’ve worked so hard to hone by developing a polished résumé and a professional social media presence that will make you the obvious choice for potential employers.


Randi Hecht

Randi Hecht, owner and founder of Intellitext (, has extensive experience in management, hiring, and recruiting and has been working with the Deaf and hard of hearing since 2007.

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